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Improve Your Typing Speed -

Free Typing Test


With everything in the world going digital, learning how to type fast is a necessity if you want to keep up with the technological advancement. Typing fast allows you to get things done faster on your computer, which increases your productivity. It is also a great skill to have if you are a writer or enjoy writing as a hobby.


Unfortunately, since typing is a skill that you usually have to learn on your own, it is hard to find an institution that offers such a course (it would also not be cost effective). Luckily, you can improve your typing speed using free typing tests that are available online. Below is a guide on how you can learn how to type faster.


1) Aim for accuracy


When most people are learning how to type, they usually aim to increase their typing speed. However, your overall effectiveness will be reduced if you have a great typing speed but low accuracy. Having to go back and correct typo mistakes will significantly reduce your typing. Therefore, you should practice increasing your accuracy first, and then go to typing speed. Most of the free typing tests that are available online have a way of measuring both your speed and rate of errors, so this should not be very hard.


2) Learn your keyboard


Most people with average typing speed are comfortable enough with the common keys such as letters, enter, space bar and backspace. However, keys that are not used frequently tend to give a lot of people problems when typing. If you want to learn how to type fast, you should familiarize yourself with the entire keyboard. Practice using all the keys and then take some typing tests to gauge your skill.


3) Aim for touch typing


Touch typing is an advanced typing skill where you type without looking at the keyboard (only the screen). The few seconds you take your eyes away from the screen anytime you are typing can greatly reduce your speed. Therefore, you should practice touch typing if you want to increase your typing speed. When taking typing tests, try typing with your eyes on the keyboard only and find out how it affects your typing speed. If your speed is lower than you would like, do not lose heart; you can be able to perfect touch typing with time.


4) Practice regularly


When it comes to typing, the key to perfection is practice. Improve your typing skills by taking as many typing tests as possible. While your performance might be less than desirable to begin with, you will soon find that your typing speed increases with more practice.

How to improve your typing using a free typing test.


When learning how to type fast, there are a variety of typing tests you can use. These are available online, and most of them are offered free of charge. To find a great typing test you can use:


1) Simply search for "free typing test" on your computer browser. This will bring you a list of some of the best typing tests.

2) Select one of the online services (in this case and click on the link to the website.

3) Most of the websites offering typing tests have a tutorial. Go through it to find out how you can improve your speed.

4) Go to the typing test and start the test. Most tests usually take one minute, after which the results are displayed.

5) Analyze the results the results of your test, and then take the test again (as many times as possible)



When seeking to improve your typing skills, testing your speed and accuracy is important to track your progress. Taking a free typing test provides you with a free and easy way of timing how fast you can type.